Our expertise is in communication, community engagement and outreach to wide and diverse audiences

As a result we have been commissioned to partner with leading academic institutions, scientists and government agencies, to train and mentor staff and individuals to deliver effective environmental communication.

Working with leading experts we use the sciences of mind and brain to appeal to the values, beliefs and motivators that influence people’s decision-making, using tools such as Cultural Dynamics. It is our belief that if we recognise people’s different values, and the way they see things, we are able to understand why they do what they do and communicate in ways that they are ready to receive.

With participants, artists, creative experts, community groups and organisations we co-design, and often co-produce, the outreach activities to be delivered.

With training completed, we use our proven expertise in the logistics of development and participation to take these trained academics, scientists and agencies to public events and festivals where they get to practice - and have evaluated - their enhanced public outreach skills.

We specialise in reaching non-self-selecting audiences and take part in festivals and events attended by those not necessarily attracted to science or environment.

Our process:

~ Knowledge share with organisation

~ Training participants

~ Mentoring participants

~ Community collaboration

~ Public testing at events

~ Evaluation

Institutions we have worked with include NERC (Natural Environment Research Council), Institute of Physics, Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), Scottish Association for Marine Science, Marine Biological Association, Natural England, National Trust, many universities, etc.

Contact us to see what we can do to work with your organisation.