the science and art of communicating about life below water

The go-to people for bright ways of talking about ocean issues and inhabitants

Changing climate, plastics, pollution, acoustics, overfishing: our ocean is well-studied and known to be facing threats, yet many people find these issues confusing and less than 1-in-5 UK children have ever visited the coast. 

We seek to make these topics relevant and easier to understand for all ages and in 12 years have become the go-to experts for excellence, creativity and ‘outside-the-box’ thinking around ocean communication. 

We match science with entertainment and art to make our marine world vibrant and accessible, and use social science to appeal to the values we each hold dear. If people better know the ocean they will care more about solutions and ways they can take action.

To do this we: 

  • Create ground-breaking online broadcasts and videos using fun and robust environmental art and science
  • Co-produce public outreach and community engagement, especially with those not necessarily attracted to science or environment
  • Run festivals and events for large and diverse demographics, funded by corporate sponsors, science institutions and agencies
  • Train scientific, advocacy and corporate organisations to help them better communicate about critical environmental issues
  • Reach young people through educational materials and school visits, working with partners to share impactful content

We are a collaborative platform, co-producing content and sharing the good work of other organisations to educate and communicate about the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 'Life Below Water'. We believe that by bringing together people from varied backgrounds and cultures we can engage better about the issues with people from varied backgrounds and cultures.

the science and art of communicating about life below water . . . it has never been more important

We are Community Interest Company 8505068 and appreciate any support you can give to our work:


Education & Science
Annette Coppin
Russell Arnott 

Conservation & Development
Abi Kidd
Gina Gow

Project Management
Grace Walker

Video Editor
Solaire James

Social Media Marketing
Sophia Bolton

Clare Osborn

Ian Rowlands

plus a huge team of volunteers (900+) and partners

Significant partners we have been engaged to work with include: 

NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) - training and events
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - training, public consultation, events
Institute of Physics - events
The Natural History Consortium - training, public consultation, events
Marine Biological Association - training, public consultation, events
National Oceanography Centre - outreach and events
Scottish Association for Marine Science - training and events
Primary Science Teaching Trust - outreach and events
European Marine Science Educators Association - board member  

Since 2011 we have created, or been significant partners in, more than 80 large-scale public events and festivals in the UK and beyond, managing event logistics, audiences, health & safety, and running teams of up to 900+ volunteers. 

Notable events we have created and run: 

WhaleFest - the world’s largest whale festival, four times, audience of 15,000 people
Siren Festival - our own event: ocean science, youth, climate change
World Whale Conference - delegates from 37 countries   

Notable events we have taken part in include:

Telegraph Outdoor Show - ocean science and conservation
Africa Oyé - plastics, conservation and freshwater science
Cheltenham Science Festival - ocean science
British Science Festival - plastics and ocean science
World Travel Market - plastics and ocean conservation
Blue Dot Festival - ocean science
Vakantiebeurs - plastics and ocean conservation
Primary Science Education Conference - ocean science
Elderflower Fields - ocean science 

 We have also carried out a large number of school visits delivering science outreach.