engaging people: the science and art of communicating about life below water

the go-to people for bright ways of talking about ocean issues and inhabitants

Who we are
Our marine world is vital to all life on Earth: we help those who study and protect it to communicate better with public audiences.

What we do
Known for excellence, creativity and ‘outside-the-box’ thinking, we match science, entertainment, art and social science to make marine issues vibrant and accessible. Since 2009 we have collaborated with, worked for, and helped multiple organisations, tv personalities and individuals to reach large and diverse audiences. 

Why we do it
Our ocean is well-studied and facing threats from changing climate, pollution, and biodiversity loss; yet these issues can seem remote and less than 1-in-5 UK children have ever been to the coast. We believe that if people know the ocean they will care more about taking action; and that we engage better by bringing together people from varied backgrounds and cultures.

How we can help 
We've organised seven large public festivals and have taken part in another 250+ festivals and events. In 2019 alone we reached 34,527 people face-to-face. Our digital outreach includes video creation, running livestream broadcasts, and devising film and TV programming formats. We run training for organisations and institutions in public engagement skills.  

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